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            Shenyang Parts Industry Co., Ltd. established in 2000, specializes in OEM/ODM all kind of metal parts.Our products have distributed in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Middle East and over the world.

            We have full range of production, testing equipments and machinery, the superior R&D team and strict quality assurance control in producing various metal parts process. The products from design, production, assembly and packing are fully finished in Taiwan.

            Over the years, we have generally grown and developed with adhering to our philosophy “the most competitive price, the professional customer service, speedy technique support, on time delivery, high quality to meet customer need”.

            Shenyang Parts Industry Co., Ltd. has made efforts to satisfy customer need by our own brand product and OEM/ODM service, achieve the best quality and most competitive cost then make the most profit return for our customers.


            Equipment List:

            Link Motion Press (160 tons、110 tons) X 3 units
            Cross Shaft Press (200 tons、 160 tons、110 tons, 80 tons) X 12 units       
            Mechanical Press (2 ton to 60 tons) X 12 units
            Ultrasonic Cleaner X 1 unit
            Automated Polisher X 1 unit
            Lathe Machine X 8 units
            Riveting Machine X 1unit for each

            Spot Welder X2
            Hydrogen Free Heat Treatment X 3 unit 

            Vertical Plastic Injection MachineX6


            SYC certificate