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                SYC Knowledge Base || Why and How We Use 3D Scanner?

            Why SYC Uses 3D Scanner

            SYC emphasizes on process improvement and product development. In 2015, SYC evalutes 3D equpments to our manufacturing enterprise. In addition to the arm-type 3D scanner, we also purchased Breuckmann 3D scanner and Stratasys 3D printer.


            3 Situations for SYC to Use 3D Scanner

            1) before the official production; 

            2) when the customer reports a problem; 

            3) when the two pieces need to be compared.

            3 Advantages of 3D Scanner

            Efficiency: collect a piece’s information in 20-30 minutes

            Accuracy: be better than traditional drawing cycle and reduce labor cost

            Archive: keep data records for future use

            Through comparing scan date with CAD data to check the dimensional error of each part,

            SYC quickly interprets the data for product testing and customer response.


            How SYC Uses 3D Scanner

            Before Using 3D Scanner

            Start the OPTOCAT software

            Warm up the 3D scanner

            Paint white matt on the surface of the scanned object

            Correct screen and lens

            Steps to Use 3D Scanner

            Place the scanned object with white matt in a black box

            Confirm the placement  and align the laser point to the position

            After completing the first scan, change the placement angle (note to align the laser point)

            After completing the second scan, compare two scan results  (at least insert 3 points) and spin up the particular green or red position

            Continue the steps until the complete 3D graphic is obtained

            Combine all the data and export the STL file format

            Check archive, and confirm with the inspector of the quality assurance